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Why do our pets need surveillance screening?

Firstly, our pets can't speak, they cannot tell us if they feel off color or unwell or have any other indicators of internal illness. We need to examine them every 6 months as well as run some routine screening tests to detect underlying disease BEFORE it is clinically apparent.

Secondly, pets will actively mask signs of illness until late in the course of disease. This stems from survival instincts in a pack or colony situation.
We believe the following tests give us the best chance of helping your pets live longer, healthier lives.
Within your pet's first year, we recommend a baseline blood profile.  This allows us to know where your pet is currently and determine if there are any changes over time.  All patients that are spayed/neutered here will receive this profile as their pre-anesthetic profile.

Each year a screening profile is recommended to catch any changes in organ function early.

At 7 years of age we consider your pet a senior.  At this point they will receive a larger blood profile that includes a thyroid test as well.  This is also the age that we recommend yearly urinalysis screenings to help gauge changes within the bladder and kidneys.  

If your pet is on long-term medication, generally we require blood profiles every 6 months to ensure the medication is not affecting the internal organs.

Depending on your pet's case, different screening tests, such as kidney, liver, or blood glucose checks, may be required.  Our veterinarians will work with you to determine the best course of action for your pet in these cases.


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